Project “Improvement and promotion of the East Baltic Coast harbours network, Est-Lat177” (EASTBALTIC HARBOURS)


The Cooperation Programme “Interreg V-A – Estonia-Latvia” 2014-2020 financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Programme priority No.3 “Better network of harbours”; Specific objective No. 3.1. “An improved network of small harbours with good levels of service”

Aim of the project: 

To improve, strengthen and expand the sailing infrastructure of the network of harbours in Estonia and Latvia and to promote the East Baltic as a sailing destination.

Project activities:

To fulfil the project objective, the project will implement activities in two main directions – investments in harbours and marketing activities of the network. Investment activities will complement the investment activities implemented in EST-LAT Harbours project to avoid overlap and will contribute to the creation of equal safety and service standard level in the East Baltic network.

Investments in harbours are directed at:

  • navigation signs (leading lights, spar and floating lateral buoys, fixed lateral navigation signs). equipment necessary for monitoring the depth of the fairway;
  • ensuring protection from waves: strengthening of the coast, construction or reconstruction of piers, breakwaters;
  • ensuring minimum depth: depth alongside the quays and access way (fairway) 2,5 m;
  • increasing marina capacity in creating minimum and additional properly marked mooring places: establish floating pontoons (concrete) and fingers,
  • installing floating piers (with electricity and water equipment);
  • reception of waste and management of wastewater;
  • electricity and drinking water available on the quay, free wi-fi available in the harbour area, in the marina for greywater disposal and bilge water facilities;
  • slipways established, crane or other boat lifting equipment purchased, building yacht storage place established, boat repairs equipment purchased;
  • ensuring assistance/emergency service;
  • fuel supply facilities.

Marketing activities are aimed to promote EastBaltic (Estonia and Latvia) as an attractive, interesting and safe sailing destination to visit. Target visitors and markets addressed are sailors from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland and local market – Latvia and Estonia.

Following activities will be carried out:

  • participation in international boat shows;
  • network visibility in international networking events;
  • organizing of FAM trips for journalists, opinion leaders of target markets;
  • printed materials: updating and publishing the 3rd edition of harbours guide and coastal tourism image guide;
  • expanding and enhancing digital marketing;
  • specific marketing content development and distribution (social media, articles for journals, stories, etc.).

Project result:

As a result of the project, the infrastructure of Estonian and Latvian small ports will be improved and higher quality services will be provided, as well as the international recognition of small ports and inclusion in the port network will be promoted.

Project partners:

  • Riga Planning region (Latvia) – the Lead Partner 
  • Kurzeme Planning region (Latvia)
  • NGO “Estonian Small Harbour Development Center” (Estonia)
  • Salacgrīva port authority (Latvia)
  • Rīga Free port authority (Latvia)
  • Jūrmala port authority (Latvia)
  • Engure port authority (Latvia)
  • Roja port authority (Latvia)
  • SIA New Yacht Marina (Latvia)
  • Pāvilosta port authority (Latvia)
  • AK Pāvilosta Marina (Latvia)
  • Foundation Hiiumaa Harbours (Estonia)
  • AS Saarte Liinid (Estonia)

Project duration: 01.09.2020. – 31.12.2022

Project budget:

EUR 3 304 285.93 EUR, incl. ERDF Interreg Estonia-Latvia 2014-2020 programme’s co-financing EUR 2 808 643.01. Riga Planning Region participates in the project as a lead partner with the planned project budget of EUR 203 265.00 (ERDF support EUR 172 775.25).


Project contact person in Riga Planning Region: Inga Brieze, mail:, tel.: +371 29488197

This information reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.


Estonia – Latvia programme 2014 – 2020 Project “Improvement of sailing infrastructure and yacht harbours network building in Estonia and Latvia” (#55 EST-LAT HARBOURS)

Project objective is to improve sailing infrastructure and build a network of harbours in Estonia and Latvia to promote East Baltic as the sailing destination.

Project background and cross-border nature:
Coastline of Latvia and Estonia forms a joint sea basin and jointly can offer one of the four main destinations in the Baltic Sea for sailors – East Baltic. The coastline and islands carry unique cultural and natural heritage, clean nature and safe conditions – excellent preconditions for benefitting from maritime travel and developing tourism. To establish well-functioning sea routes that connect coastal areas and activate maritime traffic it is necessary to improve infrastructure and technical capacities of small harbours to enable them to offer services corresponding to common standards to sailors and fulfil their expectations they are used to by sailing whole Baltic sea and other sea routes in Europe and other destinations.

Main activities

Activities implemented will be focused at two main directions:

  1. Investments in harbours aiming to develop equal standards in project partners’ harbours to ensure the that whole sailing network is safe, equipped and offers basic services – safe navigation conditions, safe mooring places, drinking water and electricity on the pier, available toilet and shower, ensured Wi-Fi and safety equipment. Depth of the fairway at the ports will be at least 2,5m. Following activities are planned – dredging works, building breakwaters, strengthening the coast, installing navigation signs and buoys, increasing number of mooring places by reconstruction piers and installing floating piers; introducing wastewater reception in the harbour and installing video surveillance systems, fencing and securing the area, building and improving service buildings for sailors. Several harbours shall expand services by offering outdoor and indoor storage during the offseason.
  2. Marketing activities of the network are aimed to attract visitors from main target markets – Finland, Sweden, Germany and Poland, as well to ensure more cross-border sails between Latvia and Estonia. Common cruising guide ad network map will be produced, destination – East Baltic will be represented in four boat shows during three years – in Germany, Finland, Sweden and Poland. Promotion will be done also online via social media and by common Internet page. Project results and achievements will be represented in the main events and conferences, which relates maritime thematic in the Baltic Sea region.

Implementation period of the project: June 1, 2017- 31 May 31, 2020

Project budget: 
EUR 10 981 270,62 (incl. EUR 9 334 079,99 ERDF and EUR 1 647 190,63 partner co-financing)

Partnership of the project

Project is implemented in partnership of 23 partners. Kurzeme Planning Region is a Lead Partner of the project and coordinates project activities in Kurzeme region. Partner harbours involved in the project in Kurzeme Planning Region are: Yach Harbour of Liepaja special economic zone authority, “Liepāja Marina”, Ltd., Pavilosta Port authority, “AK Pāvilosta Marina”, Ltd., “New Yacht Marina” in Ventspils port, Roja Port authority and “Kurland”, Ltd. and Mērsrags Port authority.

Riga Planning Region coordinates project activities in Riga region. Partner harbours involved in the project in Riga Planning  Region are: Salacgriva Port authority, Skulte Port authority (Riga Yacht Club), Riga Free Port authority, Jurmala Port authority and Engure Port authority.

Estonian Small Harbour Development Center cooridnates project activities in Estonia. Partner harbours involved in Estonia are: “Saarte Liinid” Ltd. (Ringstu and Munalaiu harbours), Kihnu Municipality (Suaru harbour), “Wetmen” Ltd. (Jaagupi harbour), Tostamaa Municipality (Varati harbour), “Varbla Holiday Village”, Ltd. (Varbla harbour),  “Lõunaranna Investeeringud”, Ltd. (Lounaranna harbour),“Koiguste Marina”, Ltd. (Koiguste harbour), “Port of Montu”, Ltd. (Montu harbour).

Project target group

  • Local and Foreign Sailors and Yacht clubs, regatta organizers and sailing associations of partner regions, sailing schools, small vessels licensing schools
  • Local public authorities include municipalities and regional authorities, tourist information centres
  • Enterprises and service providers in the harbour area

Contacts and links


Jurmala Port authority

Andrejs Bukins, Port manager

Ph. +37126516777,,


Riga Planning Region

Inga Brieze, Project Coordinator



Estonia-Latvia Cross-border cooperation programme


The above reflects author’s views and the Managing Authority of Estonia-Latvia Programme is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

Project :” Modern and attractive small ports network through cross-border interactive information system, joint marketing and improved port services”


Jurmala Port Authority will implement the Central Baltic Programme SmartPort project, “Modern and attractive small port network with interactive cross-border information systems, corporate marketing and improved port services’’ activities.


Project title  (Modern and attractive small ports network through

cross-border interactive information system, joint

marketing and improved port services)

Acronym: SmartPorts

Project number 239
Programme priority/specific objective P3 well-connected region

3.2. Improved services of existing small ports to improve local abd regional mobility and contribute to tourism development.

Project duration 24 months



Total budget 1 468 657.60 EUR
Source of funding Partially funded by ERDF (Interreg) for € 1 236 309,96 (84,18%). The rest is financed by project Partners.
Project aims Common cross-border challenges the project aims to address are related to navigation safety, cross-border information exchange, port service quality and standards and marketing in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). The objective of SmartPorts project is to improve and integrate small ports’ network by:

  1. integrating region’s small port network via modern ICT solution (implementation of systems that facilitate the cross border information exchange and cooperation – this has never been done before);
  2. harmonize quality of existing services by investing into port technology, safety- and environment protection equipment;
  3. long term joint (cross-border) marketing tools and activities in order to double the number of visitors by the sea.


 Project activities
Activity TOTAL, EUR
Floating Pump-Out station  (It is a fully operational waste management package including all the necessarry parts to serve customers. Includes pontoon, holding tank, timber access bridge, safety ladder, etc. 50 000.00
Video surveillance system ( Including approx. 10 video cameras and other vital components of the video system. 24/7 surveillance in the port area )


15 000.00
Navigation signs. Includes approx. 8 bouys to assist safe navigation. (Red – 4; Green – 4) 15 000.00
Total (100%): 80 000.00
Jurmala port authority  (Jurmala City Council fundation) (15%): 12 000.00
ERDF  (85%:) 68 000.00
Jurmala City Council pre-finance (100%) 68 000.00
Partners Lead Partner: Estonian Small Harbour Development Center




Kurzeme Planning Region

Riga Planning Region

Jurmala Port Authority

Mersrags Port Authority

Skulte Port Authority

Salacgriva Port Authority

Pavilosta Port



Hiiu County (Port of Kärdla)

Eesti Spordiselts Kalev Jahtklubi MTÜ

Liimala Port Development (Port of Purtse)

Lõunaranna Investeeringud Ltd

Kõiguste Marina MTÜ



Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County



Sottunga Municipality

Contact person Aija Kesmina

+371 22027476

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