Project :” Modern and attractive small ports network through cross-border interactive information system, joint marketing and improved port services”


Jurmala Port Authority will implement the Central Baltic Programme SmartPort project, “Modern and attractive small port network with interactive cross-border information systems, corporate marketing and improved port services’’ activities.


Project title  (Modern and attractive small ports network through

cross-border interactive information system, joint

marketing and improved port services)

Acronym: SmartPorts

Project number 239
Programme priority/specific objective P3 well-connected region

3.2. Improved services of existing small ports to improve local abd regional mobility and contribute to tourism development.

Project duration 24 months



Total budget 1 468 657.60 EUR
Source of funding Partially funded by ERDF (Interreg) for € 1 236 309,96 (84,18%). The rest is financed by project Partners.
Project aims Common cross-border challenges the project aims to address are related to navigation safety, cross-border information exchange, port service quality and standards and marketing in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). The objective of SmartPorts project is to improve and integrate small ports’ network by:

  1. integrating region’s small port network via modern ICT solution (implementation of systems that facilitate the cross border information exchange and cooperation – this has never been done before);
  2. harmonize quality of existing services by investing into port technology, safety- and environment protection equipment;
  3. long term joint (cross-border) marketing tools and activities in order to double the number of visitors by the sea.


 Project activities
Activity TOTAL, EUR
Floating Pump-Out station  (It is a fully operational waste management package including all the necessarry parts to serve customers. Includes pontoon, holding tank, timber access bridge, safety ladder, etc. 50 000.00
Video surveillance system ( Including approx. 10 video cameras and other vital components of the video system. 24/7 surveillance in the port area )


15 000.00
Navigation signs. Includes approx. 8 bouys to assist safe navigation. (Red – 4; Green – 4) 15 000.00
Total (100%): 80 000.00
Jurmala port authority  (Jurmala City Council fundation) (15%): 12 000.00
ERDF  (85%:) 68 000.00
Jurmala City Council pre-finance (100%) 68 000.00
Partners Lead Partner: Estonian Small Harbour Development Center




Kurzeme Planning Region

Riga Planning Region

Jurmala Port Authority

Mersrags Port Authority

Skulte Port Authority

Salacgriva Port Authority

Pavilosta Port



Hiiu County (Port of Kärdla)

Eesti Spordiselts Kalev Jahtklubi MTÜ

Liimala Port Development (Port of Purtse)

Lõunaranna Investeeringud Ltd

Kõiguste Marina MTÜ



Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County



Sottunga Municipality

Contact person Aija Kesmina

+371 22027476

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